Termes & conditions

Rental conditions

Article 1- Definitions and general notions
The different notions to which these conditions refer must be interpreted with regard to the Recommendation of the Commission on Abusive Clauses and the common law applicable to rental contracts governed, in Tunisian law, by articles 726 and 727 of the Code of Obligations and contracts.
The rental contract is concluded intuitively and cannot be transferred.
“You”, “the tenant” means the drivers and payers mentioned on the rental contract and signatories thereof who have the status of tenant.
“We”, “the lessor” means the Company Synda Rent A Car, whose company name appears on the Rental Contract.
“The vehicle” means a Passenger Car or Commercial Vehicle that we rent to you for the agreed duration of the Rental Agreement.
“Damage”: any damage to the vehicle is considered damage, including broken glass, the latter including the headlights, mirrors and headlights.
“Theft”: is assimilated to the theft of the vehicle: vandalism, theft of accessories and attempted theft.
“Tunisia” designates the country in which the rented vehicle can travel. Traffic outside Tunisia is prohibited.

Article 2 - Conditions to be met to rent a vehicle
You must provide us, with supporting documents, with all the information essential for establishing your rental contract and in particular: your identity (passport), your address (home and e-mail), your landline telephone contact details, the number, the date of issue and expiry of your driving license as well as its place of issue, the means of payment for your rental.
If this data is not communicated, the reservation request cannot be validated.
Prior to the delivery of the vehicle, a second form of identification will be required by producing an electricity or telephone bill (landline only) less than three months old confirming your name, first name and address, such as you have registered them at the time of your reservation as well as your credit card, the number of which must correspond to the one you indicated during your reservation, in order to obtain authorization intended to cover in advance all additional supplements which would not be included in your reservation and the amount of which will be debited automatically upon return of the vehicle in accordance with the provisions of article 5.

PLEASE NOTE: If you fail to present the aforementioned documents or if you fail to obtain bank authorization prior to handing over the vehicle or if you do not meet the rental requirements specified during the reservation, including, among other things, if you have provided incorrect personal information in your reservation, we would be unable to rent you a vehicle and the entire price prepaid in advance will remain with Synda Rent A Car. Electron, Maestro and Aurore credit cards are not accepted
All drivers must have held a valid driving license for at least 24 months, corresponding to the category of vehicle rented. He must also be over 22 years old (the required age may be higher for certain vehicle categories).
Furthermore, a supplement will be required for any driver aged 22 to 25 (5 DTN including tax per day).

Article 3 - The vehicle
Article 3.1 - Condition of the vehicle
A descriptive statement of the vehicle is attached to your contract. You undertake to note in writing, before your departure from the station, any apparent defect which is not included therein. Failing this, we are deemed to have delivered a vehicle conforming to the description.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to take into account complaints concerning apparent damage which has not been reported at the time of departure.
You must return the vehicle in the condition in which you received it. Any repair costs, resulting from a fault on the part of the tenant, will be added to the cost of the rental, subject to the stipulations in the “optional contractual guarantees” section.

Article 3.2 - Use of the vehicle
You must never drive the vehicle anywhere other than Tunisia.
In accordance with the principle of personality of penalties, you are responsible for offenses committed during the rental period. You are therefore informed that your contact details may be communicated to the police, national guard or judicial authorities who request them.
You undertake to use the vehicle as a "good father" and in particular, without being under the influence of alcohol or narcotics or any substance likely to affect driving in accordance with the provisions of the Highway Code and to use it in accordance with its destination, which, for a private vehicle, is mainly that of the transport of people free of charge and for a vehicle